Welcome to Heritage Midwifery…

home-birth-client-couple-family.jpg…Where we believe that children are truly a gift from Above and one of the greatest rewards a family can receive.

  • We offer family centered midwifery model care in the sanctuary of your own home, surrounded by those you care about most.
  • We attend births in a two hour radius from the Princeton, MN home office and do prenatal visits at a Metro location in Crystal as well as Princeton.
  • We offer a full schedule of prenatal care, attendance at your labor and birth, immediate postpartum care and careful attention to your postpartum recovery and fertility care education.
  • We offer a variety of comfort measures to ease the power of labor including water immersion and waterbirth.
  • We are certified and licensed to order and interpret pregnancy lab work, ultrasounds and evaluate medical birth records and are committed to laying a foundation of safety for your birth through the use of our screening, equipment, medications and supplies.
  • We enjoy friendly relationships with several family practice and Ob Gyn physicians if a medical referral is needed.
  • We aim to educate you to understand the changes you experience in pregnancy and empower you to make healthy lifestyle choices.
  • We look forward to speaking with you, after you learn more from our website about what Heritage Midwifery offers its clients…




Offices in Crystal & Princeton, MN        612.245.1887      minnesotamidwife2@yahoo.com